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Living and Working in Sweden

Living and Working in Sweden.?
Hey, I would like to move to Sweden, and I am currently living in the UK (London). I am a chartered accountant and graduated from university specialized in IT. I have also studied Swedish and have past my exams. So my question(s) is How do I get the right to live in Sweden and work there as well. And also how much does an Chartered Accountant earn average (if you don't know no need to answer). How much is a 2/3 bedroom house (SEK/Pounds) in central Stockholm as that is where I am planning to live. Is Stockholm a great place to live in (be honest please as this can change my mind). Do I need to retake exams to drive a car in Sweden as I have already qualified for a full licensee here in the UK. Is Sweden expensive compared to the UK (optional) Has Sweden got a great late night parties? Thanks this is all I can think of at the moment and I greatly appreciate it if you can answer my questions (not all). I have done research but I want to hear it from a different person/point of view. Best answer gets the highest point even though I appreciate for taking time to answer my question Serious answers please this could be life changing! Thank you again for taking your precious time to answer my question, very much Love from the UK!
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Ett hus i Stockholm kommer att kosta dig jävligt mycke. Men är du säker på att du vill flytta till Stockholm? Jag själv bor i Värmland men från vad jag har hört så är Stockholm inte direkt den finaste staden i Sverige. Och ja, många bra fester inne i stan i Stockholm. Nej Sverige är inte så dyrt, de flesta norrmän kommer faktiskt över gränsen bara för att kunna köpa saker billigare. Förlåt att jag inte kunde vara till sådan stor hjälp, men det är något iallafall tänkte jag :) Edit: Xav has obviously been smoking something, just ignore him.
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If you're male forget it. Sweden is a feminist country that heavily favours women in the workplace, and if you have sex and the condom breaks you can be arrested for rape (seriously).
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I read their really dumb people in that country and they give free social services to everybody. Go there and you don't need to work anymore in your life.